To our members and the myotherapy community.

Thank you for your patience in what is a trying time for many, particularly those of you with businesses in Victorian areas under Stage 4 lockdown.

At this point in time, the directions for the stage 4 restrictions are still being written. Please be assured that as soon as these are known we will communicate with you immediately. We understand that many of you are seeking this clarification to understand what this means for you, your businesses and your staff.

In the interim, all private allied health practitioners should follow the following revised PPE guidance issued by the Victorian department on 1 August;

  • All healthcare workers in Victoria involved in treating patients/client must wear a Tier/Level 1 disposable surgical mask and eye protection.
  • Masks and eye protection can be worn up to a maximum of 4 hours, unless damp/soiled or completing aerosol generating procedures. Gloves must be changed between every patient/client.
  • Non-clinical staff (i.e. receptionists and practice managers) must wear a Tier/Level 1 disposable surgical mask whilst at work. Cloth masks are not appropriate.
  • Higher levels of PPE (i.e. P2/N95 masks) should not be worn unless completing tasks of higher risk of exposure.

Please refer to:

The department are also recommending that all practitioners purchase a reusable face shield to ensure that they and their patients/clients remain safe. We hope to have a list of eye protection/face shield product distributors available for you shortly in addition to private practice allied health PPE fact sheet and will share this as soon as the department have made this available.

Under the Stage 4 restrictions, there are new requirements for businesses. Certain services and industries will be able to remain operational and will be required by law to have a COVID Safe Plan.

We will update all members with further information as soon as available. In the meantime, please visit our website as we work hard to update our members FAQ page at

If you have a specific query relating to you, your business, your membership with MA or other matters you don’t believe have been answered, please reach out to us at [email protected] .

Recognising that this is a difficult time for our members, MA want to remind members that it is important that you practice self-care and reach out if you are experiencing challenges in managing your mental health throughout these and other times. View mental health helplines here.

We thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Anna Yerondais – Chief Executive Officer