Volunteers needed to help those who have been fire affected.

January 10, 2020 - 4 minutes read

Many of you may be wondering how to provide help/care for those who have been affected by the recent and ongoing fires. Bree Wadey is organising treatment in localised Victoria bushfire affected areas. Please read about how you can participate or contribute to this monumental task.


From Bree,

“I come from one of the towns closely affected by the bushfires in East Gippsland.  

I have been in contact with my principle Chiropractor about ways in which we can help.

We have come up with the idea that in late January (20th Jan 2020 onwards we’re anticipating maybe 5-7 days max – dependent on bushfire activity and safety for us) we would travel to these remote communities directly affected and the local volunteer firefighters to provide Free Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy to those whom have lost everything.

The areas which we will endeavour to travel to include (but are not specific too):

– Bairnsdale, Bruthen, Buchan, Orbost, Omeo, Cann River, Genoa and Malacoota.

We will only be going to these areas if it is safe for us to do so, we will be in direct contact with CFA and SES about this.

Our home base will most likely be Bairnsdale and we will be travelling to these areas for a day to treat patients in the local community. 

What I ask from you:

– if you can help out with this please contact me via direct message over Facebook or via email at [email protected] (regardless I will need your email to keep you up to date on upcoming information, please provide this in your initial message)

– if you are unable to help but can donate goods (including tables, creams or any other things required to treat) please also contact me via the options listed above.

I have accommodation for you all in Bairnsdale at two houses with two large sheds and a backyard for tents/swags.

I am also located in Melbourne so I can pick up any donations made.

We have not got a lot of supplies at present (a few tables), so anything you can bring/donate would be greatly appreciated.

Obviously, this is going to be hard, hot and tiring work.

At the end of the day, it’s nothing compared to what our local communities have had to, and may still, have to face over the coming weeks, months and years.

Many hands make light work, I would ask you to dig deep and get the word to other health professionals out so we can try to make a difference.

Kind regards,


As the bushfires stretch well beyond Victoria we think there is an opportunity to get this message out to practitioners nationally. In addition to this, the consideration of making practitioners available that could also provide qualified, mental health support in addition to the manual therapists (it’s anticipated that PSTD is a very real consequence of these fires) and feasibility. Whilst the voluntary services Bree and her team have coordinated to date are for regional Victoria, we’re confident that there are opportunities for a nationally coordinated effort.

Please if you can help in any way, regionally, nationally, volunteer or donate, contact Bree directly [email protected].