Myotherapy Australia (MA) joins the voices of other health and medical professionals calling for a sensible approach to Covid restrictions in Victoria.

“Across Australia, myotherapy was determined as essential healthcare during Stage 3 restrictions. It is time for Victoria to return to its proven Stage 3 approach and allow myotherapists to care for their clients again.” Myotherapy Australia CEO, Anna Yerondais, states.

“The Victorian government’s Covid restrictions unfairly draw arbitrary distinctions between parts of the healthcare profession. It has not provided any evidence or factual basis for the rules on which healthcare professions can and cannot care for patients.” says Myotherapy Australia CEO, Anna Yerondais.

“Every day, I receive distraught phone calls from patients and myotherapists, who simply don’t understand why other allied health providers can treat patients, but not myotherapists.” Anna Yerondais commented.

“Patients with chronic healthcare issues build a relationship of trust and understanding with their preferred healthcare provider over long periods of time. The Victorian government has created a situation where these patients suddenly do not know where to turn for appropriate assistance during a healthcare crisis – let us hope that this does not result in unnecessary hospitalisations or long term mental and physical health issues.” remarks Myotherapy Australia CEO, Anna Yerondais.

Restricting patient’s access to myotherapy during this difficult time is negatively impacting patients’ short, medium and long-term health, including:

  • essential service workers having to cut back on work hours, as their pain levels increase because they can’t access their myotherapist;
  • patients not receiving essential healthcare services, making them more likely to present to emergency departments and put additional strain on the medical system;
  • creating medical issues, eg where formerly stable patients are now forced to use pain medication and increase their burden on the medical system;
  • a possible healthcare “bubble”, where formerly stable patients’ health issues are escalating and may require additional time and money to bring the condition back to a manageable level, if that is possible; and
  • additional mental health strain for patients and practitioners.

Myotherapy is a client-centred healthcare profession focusing on the assessment, treatment and management of the whole person, applying a range of modalities and evidence-informed knowledge to support client outcomes.