Tendinopathy Rehabilitation

April 5, 2019 - 1 minute read

Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy – Peter Malliaras

Peter has a respected international clinical and research profile and is consulted by many people for a second opinion regarding their tendon injuries, including elite athletes and performers (eg football, rugby, ballet, and tennis). He works as an Associate Professor at Monash University, focusing on tendinopathy research, and sees more than 20 tendinopathy patients in clinic each week.

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Injection Therapy in Tendinopathy:  Art and Science

Despite our best intentions, not everyone with tendinopathy will respond to conservative treatments. Clinicians need alternative options like injection therapy. Injections such as steroid and platelet rich plasma continue to be popular for tendinopathy, and there are other emerging injections such as the high-volume injection. This seminar will bring together international, interstate and local clinical and research leaders to tackle challenging questions about the evidence and clinical use of injections for tendinopathy, including:

At what clinical stage should we recommend injections for tendinopathy?

Are steroid injections harmful?

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