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December 11, 2020 - 4 minutes read

My name is Saxon Brown and I am the Principal/Owner & Clinical Myotherapist for Flow Myotherapy up in Brisbane, QLD and here is my patient ‘WOW’ experience/story:

A client’s brother was recently referred to me. This client, male, aged 30, presented with chronic lower back pain, with bilateral nerve referral pain down his legs. He had undergone weight-loss surgery in January 2020 and upon waking during post-op, noted excruciating pain in his lower back and down his legs. His surgeons noted that his procedure was performed perfectly that this pain would subside. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Over the subsequent 9-months, my client described daily agony that interfered with every aspect of his life – family, work, friends, sleep. He had just had his 3rd child and reported that he was in so much pain, that he was unable to even pick up his is child, in fear of aggravating his back pain. 

His local GP Doctor prescribed a cocktail of opioid pain-killers that became a daily consumption, just to manage his day-to-day. His chiropractor performed countless spinal manipulations, which would have virtually zero lasting effect and he was sinking into a state of depression thinking he was going to be with this pain for the rest of his life.

Until he saw me…a Clinical Myotherapist!

He presented with an increased anterior pelvic tilt and rotation, with locked bilateral hip external rotators, hypertonic lumbar erector spinae muscles and apically-dominant breathing. His pain was registered at a daily 8-9 out of 10 on the Visual-Analogue Scale (VAS). 

I performed a series of assessments on him, to test muscle activation/strength, range-of-movement & pain provocation. His weight-loss surgery had suddenly reduced is adipose tissue (fat) deposits around his stomach by 70kg overnight, with this resulting in a dramatic change on how the body. This weight reduction caused a core instability through his lumbar spine and he had developed an anterior pelvic tilt due to this postural weakness, in conjunction with weak gluteal muscles and tight hip flexors, essentially developing Lower-Cross Syndrome. 

The ‘Wow’ patient moment came after performing an anterior Lumbar Plexus Release, to free entrapped nerves around his psoas major hip flexor. Following my 1st treatment, this client had received his first relief from pain in 9 long, agonising months. In the subsequent weeks, I prescribed him some home rehabilitative exercises to begin re-training of weak muscles that were needed to correct his pelvic posture and provide him with the support and stability he needed so much. This further reduced his pain and he noted that his mood had greatly improved, that even his family, friends and colleagues had noted how much happier he was. On our 3rd session, he reported having ceased taking pain medication for the first time in 9months and had stayed off these meds for 2 consecutive weeks and rising. 

“Being able to find the root cause and not just alleviate his pain after enduring a long 9 months of daily agony, we worked together to educate him on how to best manage things moving forward. This is what makes me love being a Myotherapist.”

Saxon Brown

Principal/Owner & Clinical Myotherapist

Flow Myotherapy

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