Mick’s from Electric Rocket Visual StoryTelling PD (Point: 1)




Making and creating visual content does not need to be hard.

I’m Mick. I have been behind a camera and at the editing desk creating creative stuff for years and years. From social videos to corporate communications I have been entrusted with telling these stories. My speciality is taking boring stuff and making it exciting!!

I will take you through the process of finding out what is this “Visual StoryTelling”.. explain why you should be focusing on using the idea of a “Micro-narrative” to take your community on a journey.

I will show you how to make and create visual content. How to use your phone to take and edit awesome photos… how to use a basic editing program on your phone to make videos to be used online. All of these apps either totally free or cost very little.

And as a bit of a bonus I will run you through 50 content ideas that you can start using straight away to help build, engage and keep your clients and audience.