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August 16, 2018 - 1 minute read

Advanced Joint Mobilisation 2019

This dynamic modality involves joint mobilisation with active or passive movement to assist in altering arthrokinematic function. A fantastic addition to build on foundational mobilisation skills, this method will enable practitioners to reduce the physical effort required to perform joint mobilisation techniques. Treatment belts are employed as a unique tool to gain greater leverage and more precision.
After completing this course you’ll open your practice up to a whole new way of creating positive change for your clients/patients.

PDPs: 7pts (formal)

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Manual Therapy Retreat – Hawaii  April/May 2019

Manual Therapy Retreat – Hawaii is held over 6 nights in Honolulu, including 3 days of workshops. Topics covered will be neurological assessment and treatment, corrective exercise prescription, MET applications, advanced soft tissue techniques for the shoulder girdle and hip complex, running technique for injury prevention and the clinical application of pain science. Each workshop will include a combination of both theory and practical and participants will receive course notes to support their learning. The retreat will also involve a number of opportunities for participants to network with colleagues.

PDPs: 20 points (formal)

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