Joint Industry Skilling Working Group

January 9, 2020 - 2 minutes read

We are pleased to announce that MA held our first joint industry skilling working group on 11 December 2019. Our thirteen working group members are a mix of industry bodies, educators and practitioners.

 Working group members discussed the current skilling environment and other related issues and agreed to focus on the following issues in its next meeting:

Quality assurance issues

  • Who administers and ensures that qualifications are being delivered at appropriate levels? Do they understand the differences between an AQF Level 5 and 6? Questions remain around quality and delivery. How are teaching standards assured?
  • Do RTOs budgets influence teaching staff?

Solid foundation

  • How to increase the quality of delivery? A new qualification will not address current quality issues without other changes.

Information Quality

  • Is there an established need for specialisations? How does the current aged/palliative/disability care sector work? Do current providers (e.g. physiotherapists) have agreements or is this part of an industry-standard (written or perceived)?

Practicalities for RTOs and Students

  • What is the financial impact of the current and proposed arrangements (VLS, other funding)?
  • Financial practicalities; is it viable for RTOs to have 2 adv dip on their scope?
  • Do we need better education for RTOs? (e.g. that myotherapy is national, not Victorian)?
  • Jobs demand is critical.


In addition to this, MA has reached out to SkillsIQ requesting they provide one authoritative, official source of information to help quell concern and confusion generated by various social media posts regarding the current process.


How to have your say?

Have your say directly to SkillsIQ

SkillsIQ has advised that their protocol for receiving stakeholder input seeks to give all stakeholders an equal opportunity to make comments or recommendations. SkillsIQ therefore urges you to register on their database and use SkillsIQ’s Feedback Forum. You will also be able to participate in its webinars or face-to-face workshops which will be held later in its work program.


Have your say to MA

Do you have feedback for MA or the working group on skilling? Please email us at [email protected]

Our next meeting is scheduled for late February.