Office Ergonomic Workstation Set up Training for Allied Health Professionals

March 5, 2019 - 1 minute read

Online Course

We cover the following:

  • Review of the modern day workplace and typical work environments & challenges for workers and clients
  • Review ergonomic principles relating to the individual workstation
  • Review and implement a step by step process to setting up a worker or client at their workstation
  • Review the literature regarding office workstation ergonomics and how to implement this according to the worker’s or client’s needs
  • Discuss the common workplace issues relating to office workstation ergonomics and how to address these
  • Review common equipment accessories and considerations on when to prescribe these
  • Case based approach to working with a worker or client with a musculoskeletal complaint
  • 11 learning modules and multi choice quizzes to assess your learning
  • Certificate of completion provided at the completion of the course for your professional development requirements
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3pdps in Informal Category – please ensure you keep your certificate of completion for demonstration of proof.

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