New Name, New Brand, New Approach!

June 17, 2016 - 1 minute read

Myotherapy Association Australia - favicon

Following the adoption of a new name, Myotherapy Association Australia has undergone some significant changes in image and operations to make our members more visible and to make the process of MA membership a much simpler and streamlined process.

You are sure to have noticed our new brand which ties in with our desire to make Myotherapy ‘front and centre’. The new brand is about Myotherapy being a hero in delivering strong, evidence based health outcomes for those with musculoskeletal dysfunction. Its colours reflect authority (blue) with a warmth and approachability (green) which comes from our easy access to information and advice. You’ll see much, much more of the brand and please wear it with pride.

You will also have noticed that more and more of our services will move to an online platform. These include being able to enrol in all MA run PD online and soon you’ll also be able to renew online, making it even easier and quicker to maintain your industry requirements……..more to come.