The following health funds rebate for consultations provided by MA Myotherapists. Rebates vary between funds, and within funds between policies. For those funds that do not have a separate category for Myotherapy, rebates for consultations provided by Myotherapists may be rebated within another category, for example, the 'Natural Therapies' and/or 'Remedial Massage' (RM) category. Patients are advised to check with their private health fund regarding rebate amounts and annual limits.

Rebates for Interim Members (who hold RM provider numbers) will be provided within the RM category and not within that for Myotherapy.

Australian County Health

A.C.A. Health Benefits

CBHS Friendly Society

Cessnock District Health

CUA Health Limited

Doctors Health Fund

Frank Health Insurance

GMF Health

Government Employees Fund (AHM)

Health Care Insurance Ltd Pty Ltd

Latrobe Health Services (Federation Health)


Medibank Private

Updates from Medibank Private to their Recognition Criteria for providers of ancillary billings.

Changes to their billing standards will come into effect on April 1st, 2021 whereby the Recognition Criteria will be updated to reflect the requirement for electronically issued or printed invoices/receipts. Here is a template that you can use as a word document when receipting patients. It is recommended that you create a ‘file’ for each patient you receipt in order to maintain a record of their receipts should they require a duplicate and for your own records. 

Mildura District Health Fund

Mutual Health

NIB Health

Nurses & Midwives Health

Peoplecare Health Insurance

Navy Health Fund

Phoenix Health Fund

Police Health Fund

Queensland Country Health Ltd

Railway & Transport Health Fund Ltd

Reserve Bank Health Society Ltd

RT Health Fund

Senior Advantage

St Lukes Health

Teachers Federation Health Society

Teachers Union Health

myoOwn Health

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