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Myotherapy for Lower Back Pain

Presented by Erin Baker & Steph Kanaris


Join Erin Baker and Steph Kanaris as they dive into the topic of Myotherapy and how it can help treat your lower back pain.

Erin and Steph are both Myotherapists with a combined total of over 25 years of experience in Myotherapy.

Lower back pain is a common pain complaint affecting millions of people world wide and can vary from being an annoying niggle to chronic and debilitating.

Join us for this free event, where Erin and Steph explore some of the ways Myotherapy can be helpful and discuss how new evidence and understanding of pain is helping therapists to better treat lower back pain.

Their expertise and insights will be valuable for anyone seeking relief from lower back pain and looking to improve their overall physical well-being.


Erin Baker

Melbourne Performance Therapy - Brunswick

Erin has been Co-CEO of the Myotherapy association of Australia since November 2022.

She is a Myotherapist, owner of Melbourne Performance Therapy, Lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and Clinical Pilates instructor at Armature Pilates. She joined the MA Board in 2021 and quickly moved into the role of Chair, now sharing the CEO role with Tessa Verrier.

Stephanie Kanaris

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