It seems that the constant changes to the directions order from government during Stage 4 restrictions continue to create great confusion and many issues for our members and their patients.

MA continue to advocate for myotherapists to be permitted to return to face to face practice as essential health service providers, as determined by Government during Stage 3. Our advocacy position is that myotherapists and their patients should be empowered to together work out the best treatment plan in the current environment. Continuing to defer care risks a serious deterioration in the health and mental health of many, and could increase the burden on primary health care physicians and even hospitals.

Read the briefing note provided to the DHHS CAHO and Business Victoria departments here.

MA requested an urgent meeting to discuss the current and evolving confusion around rules for healthcare practitioners treating patients during the current stage four restrictions.

How can you help MA continue our strong advocacy for myotherapy to continue in-person care?

We are keen that you help us advocate on your behalf – please send us your real life stories of how the current restrictions are impacting you, your patients and the medical system. We have provided some guidance here to assist you.