So what does this mean for myotherapists in these areas?

Well the short answer is, we still do not know.

Our friends at AHPA have informed us as follows after having met today with DHHS in relation to clarifying the details of the Stage 4 shutdown requirements for allied health providers.

“We’ve been advised that a lot of crucial questions in relation to allied health service access are still being clarified by the Victorian government’s public health team–that includes key issues such as referral requirements for access to services, access for private patients, definitions of vulnerable patients, which settings are considered aged care settings, and requirements in relation to COVID-safe plans for health providers. The likelihood is that we won’t have clarification until very late on Wednesday and possibly even later than that.” source: AHPA

Given that, our strong recommendation is to encourage all members to:

  1. Consider which appointments they have on Thursday and Friday and if they are likely to be considered urgent health care or not.
  2. Consider if that client has current referral.
  3. Apply an overarching principle of minimising movement wherever possible, both their own and that of their patients.
  4. Consider utilising Telehealth wherever possible.
  5. Implement the PPE guidelines where a face to face appointment must occur
  6. Review the guidance for building a COVID-safe plan.
  7. Await further updates and guidance.

The allied health leadership team at DHHS are doing everything they can but are dependent on the public health unit for guidance. We are being urged to be patient.