Fast & Functional

October 29, 2018 - 1 minute read

About the training: Fast and Functional trains Myotherapists to get brilliant clinical results…efficiently. Over 6 weeks you will complete a comprehensive overhaul in surface anatomy, myofascial pain patterns and biomechanics and an amazingly efficient form of soft tissue manipulation. This is demonstrated for nearly all of the skeletal muscles in the body.  This overhaul of knowledge combined with an efficient technique become the building blocks for a brilliant biomechanical problem solving framework.  Finally review of current fascial science is used as a rationale for why the problem solving framework is so effective.  The Myotherapy industry is posed for massive influence.  Fast and Functional exists to inspire Myotherapists to see their potential, establish their identity and thrive in results, personal satisfaction and industry influence.

About Tim: Fast and Functional is a training developed by Timothy King. Tim has consulted over 6000 patients, often seeing over 100 patients a week. He is now continuing to work clinically as a Myotherapist as well as training myotherapists and physiotherapists internationally. “…My passion today is to inspire and encourage Myotherapists everywhere to attain the kind of success that I have grown used to…”

Delivery: Fast and Functional is 6 modules over 7 weeks delivered interactively online suitable for the busy therapist.

Application: Please contact [email protected] for further course details, availability and pricing.

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