Kinetic Link Training – Level 2

December 17, 2020 - 3 minutes read

KLT Level 2 : Refining Movement Control 

All graduates of the Kinetic Link Training – Level 1 course are invited to complete the Kinetic Link Training – Level 2 course either LIVE or ONLINE.

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Developed by Australian Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Wayne Rodgers, the KLT Level 2 course will progress your understanding and utilisation of the Kinetic Link Training system. Kinetic Link Training (KLT) is a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training. KLT assists you and your clients in achieving fantastic physical performance results, plus great long-term health and wellbeing. KLT promotes the development of a strong and energized body which moves with ease, efficiency and control.

All KLT exercises and workouts can be performed either at home or in a gym. You choose the exercise environment or training space that suits you best and is the most convenient.

Kinetic Link Training – Level 2 (Refining Movement Control) has been specifically developed in response to the feedback, thoughts and requests of the hundreds of exercise professionals who have embraced KLT as an effective approach to functional strength training.

Course Highlights

Explore the creation of KLT Focus Programs – integrated full-body exercises (which have been specifically selected and collated as precise workouts) for achieving movement restoration goals or to cater for an individual’s rehabilitation needs.

  • The focus programs that you will be learning include:
  • Scapula Control / Upper Limb Rehab Workouts
  • Core Control / Spinal Rehab Workouts
  • Lower Limb Conditioning & Rehab Workouts
  • Learn 4 new full-body KLT workouts and 3 new KLT warm-up routines.
  • Study precision of training technique for all exercises learned to promote refined movement control.
  • Develop improved exercise delivery skills to optimise both client compliance and rate of motor skill acquisition – drawing on established coaching principles and theories of positive psychology.
  • Explore the best methods for effectively delivering Kinetic Link Training to your clients in group training and circuit classes.

Wayne Rodgers – Australian Sports Physiotherapist – Course Presenter

Wayne is a senior Australian sports physiotherapist and KLT functional strength coach with over 30 years experience in the health and fitness industries. He has been a sports physiotherapist for several national and international sports teams (Australian Commonwealth Games team, Australian Netball team). He is the founder and senior sports physiotherapist at Sunshine Coast Sports Physiotherapy. Wayne is a highly experienced, dynamic presenter of sports physiotherapy & fitness industry courses. He has delivered over 3000 hours of professional development education to physiotherapists and exercise professionals over the past 20 years.

Highly Practical Professional Development
All KLT courses integrate clinical reasoning with the latest evidence based science, allowing participants to discover the most effective strategies for success. The format is very interactive with a large percentage of every course dedicated to mastering practical skills.

PDP’s:   13