Read Myotherapy Association Australia’s submission calling for fair and clear access to essential healthcare for all Victorians during stage four lockdowns.

In summary:

🔈 in Stage 3, myotherapists were considered allied health essential workers, which worked well and did not result in spread of transmission of Covid 19;

🔈. information provided by various Victorian government agencies regarding the practice of community based healthcare has been extremely confusing for professionals and patients;

🔈 those living with chronic or degenerative health conditions are being subjected to additional, unnecessary suffering by the Victorian government’s decision to limit their access to preferred choices in community based health management options;

🔈. there is no evidence to demonstrate that limiting access to myotherapy reduces covid transmission;

🔈. myotherapists have the clinical knowledge and infection control training to plan and implement appropriate community based care for their patients; and

🔈. myotherapists are well supported by a professional body that will keep all members up to date in the latest Covid 19 requirements for safe practice.

By continuing to limit access to myotherapy, we are concerned that the Victorian government’s approach is creating deteriorating mental and physical health outcomes that will take longer to stabilise (if they can be rectified), unnecessary financial stress for patients and small businesses owners, a significant impact on reliance on pain medications and mental health deterioration.

And therefore, we urge the Victorian government to please adopt the Stage 3 definition of permitted essential healthcare workers.

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