Today, we were informed that the Victorian government is continuing to restrict access to face-to-face myotherapy services.

[read DHHS Letter here]

We are disappointed by this short-sighted announcement.

The government has been unable to provide evidence to inform its choice to not include myotherapy in listed professions. Unfortunately, there is minimal, if any, consultation with internal or external allied health experts to help inform these decisions.

We hear – and share – your concerns about the short, medium and long-term health impacts for your patients of the current Victorian government restrictions

MA continues our discussions with various Victorian government agencies to advocate for a return to face-to-face myotherapy as soon as possible.

However, we are receiving confusing messaging from the Victorian government.

What can I do to help?

If you are frustrated with the Victorian government’s response, the best way to ensure that your concerns are heard is for you and your patients to contact your local member directly, and urge them to ensure continued access for patients to myotherapy at this crucial time.

This table is designed to help you contact your local government and provide them with information that will help them decide to clearly identify myotherapy as a permitted, essential healthcare service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To help guide you, please include the following information in your letter to your government:

  • how myotherapy is helping/has helped;
  • doctor/surgeon’s referral (where appropriate);
  • what else was attempted for relief; and
  • what would happen if the person could not access myotherapy (eg increased visits to hospital/specialist/GP).

Please feel free to forward us a copy of your letter at [email protected]

State/ TerritoryWho to Contact?MA’s letterSample Letter
VictoriaYour local representatives Vic

Premier (Daniel Andrews) [email protected]

Minister for Health (The Hon. Martin Foley) [email protected]
[email protected]

Minister for Small Business (The Hon Jaala Pulford MLC) [email protected]

Chief Health Officer – (Brett Sutton) [email protected]

As a final note, we wish to highlight that while the Chief Allied Health Officer has written to provide guidance around allied health restrictions as part of Step 2, all decisions relating to the easing of restrictions are made independent of the Chief Allied Health Officer and Allied Health Workforce Team. If you have further questions or concerns specific to restrictions, in addition to the above, we recommend that you contact Business Victoria – Coronavirus (COVID-19) business support and the Industry Coordination Centre on 13 22 15.

We will be carefully monitoring the release of the final guidelines as well as continuing to flag concerns about the current definition with the Minister, including in relation to privately funded services that would otherwise meet the definition of prevention deterioration, such as myotherapy. We encourage you get in touch to provide examples of services that are not currently encompassed in the definition to support us in our advocacy work, as well as to reach out directly to Business Victoria and/or the Minister’s office.

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