We need your help?

MA are working closely with private health funds to demonstrate how telepractice can successfully be applied to myotherapy services.

We are calling for a review of the decision earlier this year following our submission to PHA, whereby funds determined they were unable to support rebates for myotherapy services provided remotely.

In his media release earlier this year, The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Health referred to the fact that more than 4.3 million health and medical services have now been delivered to a total of more than three million patients through the telehealth items introduced by the Australian Government for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The use of telehealth instead of face-to-face consultations is helping to stop the spread of the virus, protecting both patients and frontline health professionals, and saving lives (read the full media release here).

As tighter restrictions are imposed in some States, patients are unable to access in-person care with their trusted myotherapist. In addition to this, many vulnerable and at-risk patients are choosing to self-isolate at home during this time.

There is currently limited evidence on telepractice services within myotherapy. To address this gap, the survey aims to identify if you took up telepractice in 2020, how it worked for you, and what clinical benefits were from your point of view. In collaboration with other Allied Health peak bodies, we have developed two surveys to collect information about telepractice services delivered since 01 March 2020. One survey is for health professionals, the other is for clients who utilised telepractice services within this period.

Your participation in the survey is critical in providing the all-important data to support our advocacy on your behalf. Results from the surveys will serve as an evidence base to advocate for securing access to funded telepractice for myotherapists. The results will also be used to lobby for increased private health insurance coverage for myotherapists, including for services delivered by telepractice.

The health professional survey contains questions regarding the five areas identified as key evaluators of telepractice: access and uptake, utilisation scope, cost benefit, regulatory/accreditation compliance, and clinical outcomes. The survey will take around 25 – 30 minutes to complete.

The client survey should take participants only a few minutes of their time and will assist us in understanding your clients experience with telepractice

Providing patients an opportunity to participate

We need your help. In addition to collecting your feedback about telepractice, we have developed a short survey for any patients you provided a telepractice service to since 1 March 2020.

In collecting feedback from your patients anonymously, we aim to identify how they benefited from telepractice so that we can lobby to expand your telepractice privileges.

You will not be involved in data collation or analysis and this will be undertaken by us for the profession. All patient responses will be lodged directly with Survey Monkey, no patient contact details are asked for nor the details of the treating myotherapist.


  1. Identify any patients who received at least one telepractice service since 1st March 2020
  2. Before sending the survey link, double check you have been given consent to contact the patient either as their treating practitioner or a representative of a clinic given patient consent to contact 
  3. Do not send the survey if you have not been given specific consent to contact as the treating practitioner or a representative of the business given consent

Patients only need to complete the survey once, regardless of the number of telepractice sessions or multiple practitioners. The survey is designed only to capture feedback about the concept of telepractice overall and what it meant to the patient.

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Draft email script for patient participation (includes survey link)

MA cannot do this without your participation. We thank you for your ongoing support.