Analysis of Olympic Weightlifting for Clinicians

January 18, 2021 - 2 minutes read

Course Overview

Many clinician’s struggle with what to do when an injured weightlifter comes into their clinic. Many also struggle with successful injury rehabilitation for this population group.

This workshop provides foundational research and practical application on the Olympic lifts to enhance a clinician’s assessment, treatment and clinical reasoning skills.

The workshop covers the phases, biomechanics, joint and muscular requirements of the Olympic lifts and includes a real-life case study example of how easily the research can be applied to the patients you see in clinic – starting immediately!

Course Learning Objectives

1. Provide an introduction to what Olympic weightlifting is and what’s involved in the sport of Olympic weightlifting (O’lifting).

2. Provide an introduction and definition of each of the phases of Olympic weightlifting.

3. Provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of each of the phases of the O’lifts.

4. Provide Physiotherapists with a method of analysis of the Olympic lifts, based on the detailed and comprehensive analysis of each of the phases of the O’lifts.

5. Provide enhanced clinical reasoning skills to more accurately identify errors in lifting technique, that may relate to injury in Olympic weightlifters.

6. Provide enhanced clinical reasoning skills to help more accurately guide standard Physiotherapy assessment and treatment protocols of joints and muscles.

7. Detail how to implement the analysis method in a clinical setting through a real-life example case study.

8. Detail the common terms (language) used by Olympic weightlifters and their coaches to describe lifts in order to enhance communication between them and Physiotherapists.

About The Presenter

Benjamin Lustig has completed both a Bachelor of Health Science – Clinical Myotherapy and Masters in Physiotherapy Practice. With over a decade of experience in Olympic weightlifting and countless presentations under his belt, Benjamin’s aim is to bridge the gap between the clinical and performance worlds to spearhead better outcomes for patients.

PDP’s: 1.5