We continue to advocate on your behalf – our members, our community.

MA has been working on behalf of our members, asking all State and Territory governments to clarify whether myotherapists can continue to practice during Coronavirus restrictions.

One by one, governments have come back to us with sensible responses that allow essential healthcare services, such as myotherapy, to continue caring for patients.

In a victory for common-sense, today, the Tasmanian government responded to our member advocacy permitting myotherapy to continue practicing in a medical or health services facility. Members who wish to practice from other facilities must submit this form to the Tasmanian government.

Together with other industry associations, we are still advocating on behalf of Queensland and South Australian members.

Queensland is currently the only Australian jurisdiction that has banned many healthcare services from helping patients. You can help us to help you by contacting the Queensland government  – see here for contact details and a suggested letter format.

April 20, 2020