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The purpose of this award is to recognise a member of the Myotherapy profession for extraordinary service to the profession and the health and wellbeing of the greater community.⁣

2023 Nominations

Congratulations Mathew Richardson 2021 winner. Click the image below to hear from Mathew acknowledging his award.

"Toni Moynihan for anyone that did not have the pleasure of meeting her or have Toni as your lecturer, she was an amazing Myotherapist and Lecturer who really cemented what it means to be a Myotherapist. Toni had the foresight of the part Myotherapy could have in the World of Health and that is why she was relentless in her advocation.

I have pondered often where my passion has come from and now l reflect that it was her contagious attitude and vision that makes me the Myotherapist l am today. It is the reason why l am so proud to be a recipient of this award, to even have my name beside hers is truly an honour. Thanks again Alissa Iles for nominating me at the time.

Lets face it you have to be something magnificent to have an award named after you! and that she was. The last time l chatted to Toni l remember as clear as day as l felt such a fool when l heard of her death. “Hey Toni, love your haircut”, I yelled out. Toni graciously just smiled and made her way over to me and said “Thanks “and proceeded to ask me about how my clinic was going and wanted all the details. I didn’t know she was being treated for ovarian cancer let alone how unwell she was. Toni was selfless and encouraging about my Myotherapy career and future when hers looked dim. Toni died 6 months later. May Myotherapy continue to be what Toni aspired it to be and more. If you don’t know about Toni, you should, do yourself a favour and get your research on as she is a true inspiration".

Cher Hetherington
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