2-Day McGill Method Special Event!

September 6, 2018 - 2 minutes read

This special 2-day McGill Method event is coming to Melbourne!

EARLY BIRD registration price until August 31st. Professor Stuart McGill will Skype in for a Q&A session at the end of the course!

This 2-day event is for trainers and performance specialists who deal with back pained clients.

Day 1 – Back Mechanic: Working with the Back Pained Client

Both lectures and workshops provide delegates with background information on the mechanisms that cause back pain and how these can be assessed and addressed with movement and exercise programming that adhere to the principles of Professor McGill. This process creates clients who are then liberated to begin training. Then specific principles are workshopped to create pain-free and injury resilient movement/motor patterns, that enables the trainer to move on to more typical programming.

Day 2 – High Performance Training: Progressing backs from pain to performance

Mechanisms and training techniques used with world class athletes will be introduced and discussed. The development of movement/motor patterns, endurance, speed, and power within the principles that minimize back injury, or exacerbation of existing injury are work-shopped. Quantifying the athletic demands together with the current capabilities of the individual, influence program design. Specific topics include building resilience, training capacity, and strength and speed techniques within pain-free progressions. The day comprises of 3 lectures and 3 hands-on workshops.


Joel Proskewitz has been involved with Professor McGill for the past 13 years learning his approaches for assessment and performance training. He is a master trainer based in London UK. Professor McGill regularly refers difficult patients to Joel who assesses the individual to reach a precise understanding of the pain mechanism. Then an appropriate strategy to eliminate the pain triggers to wind down sensitivity is coached. This is followed with an exercise progression to create a foundation for pain-free movement. He has taught internationally with Professor McGill for the past two years. He teaches McGill 2, McGill 3 and the Back Mechanic course.

Cancellation Policy: A cancellation fee of $100 will apply to all registration cancellations to cover admin costs.

For more information on the McGill Method and Professor Stuart McGill, please visit www.backfitpro.com