McGill Method Conference 1, 2 & 3

November 25, 2019 - 4 minutes read

Learn the McGill Method to help reduce debilitating back pain in your clients! Stuart McGill, Dr. Ed Cambridge and Joel Proskewitz, will be teaching the three McGill Method intensive courses in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia!

The McGill Method is based on the scientific and clinical findings of professor Stuart McGill and his team over the past 32 years. These investigations enhanced understanding as to how the spine and related tissues work, how they become damaged or painful or both, the best ways to rehabilitate and restore a foundation for pain-free activity, and finally, how to build high performance ability.


The McGill Method courses are open for anyone to attend, and typically attract delegates from various health care and fitness professions. For example, physiotherapists, chiropractors, trainers, yoga instructors/masters, pilates instructors, sports medicine, medical doctors, physiatrists, coaches, strength coaches, massage therapists, exercise physiologists, students, athletic trainers certified, kinesiologists, and osteopaths, to name a few.


McGill Method Level 1: Foundation for the Pain-Free Back (Jan 30-31)

This two-day course is geared for clinicians, trainers, coaches and performance specialists who wish to update their knowledge to the most recent developments in function of the lumbar spine – specifically how it works, becomes injured, and how this is linked to pain sensitivity. This is to develop an evidence based foundation for clinical decision making and to deliver methods to empower and heal their clients.

You will learn:

  • The foundations of how the spine works and becomes injured and/or painful
  • How to interpret what clients are presenting to you
  • Prevention of back disorders
  • Approaches to rehabilitation
  • Training methodologies for building the foundation for eventual back performance

After completion of the workshop you will feel empowered to provide guidance in the application of this knowledge to the clinic, workplace, rehabilitation centre, and sports field to reduce the risk of injury, optimise healing of the patient, and build ultimate back performance in the athlete.

McGill Method Level 2: Assessment – Converging on a Precise Diagnosis (Feb. 1)

In this one-day course geared for advanced clinicians and those who assess back pained patients, you will learn:

  • Recent developments in assessing the low back of the most challenging patients
  • How to create linkages to corrective and therapeutic exercises and drills
  • Skills in pain provocation tests to reveal the pain mechanism
  • Technique development with workshops at the assessment table throughout the day

Attendees will hone their manual skills, together with clinical reasoning skills, work-shopping tests both on and off the exam table. This will lead to a precise diagnosis that forms the foundation for teaching the patient how to wind down their pain sensitivity. The second stage begins when pain is controlled, and the objectives shift to enhancing function and performance.

McGill Method Level 3: High Performance Training – Progressing Backs from Pain to Performance (Feb. 2)

This one-day course is geared for advanced clinicians and performance specialists. Mechanisms and training techniques used with world class athletes will be introduced and discussed. The development of movement/motor patterns, endurance, speed, and power within the principles that minimise back injury risk, or exacerbation of existing injury are work-shopped. Specific topics covered include building resilience, training capacity, and strength and speed techniques within pain-free progressions.

You will learn:

  • Mechanisms and training techniques used with world class athletes
  • How to develop movement/motor patterns, endurance, speed, and power within the principles that minimise spine stress
  • Coaching cues to maximise effectiveness of injury resilience and performance

McGill 1 – 16 PDPs

McGill 2 – 8 PDPs

McGill 3 – 8 PDPs