Pre and Postnatal Education for Manual Therapists
Guidelines for practice in the field of pre and postnatal manual therapy

Date: Sunday, September 10, 2017 (9-1pm)
PDPs: 4
Cost: $125 members/$175 non-members
Venue: SSNT (Fitzroy)
Capacity of 55 attendees

This course brings together over 24 years of clinical practice and evidence based research specific to the field of pre and postnatal manual therapy. The purpose of this course is to provide myotherapists with the training and education to safely and effectively formulate patient management plans and to recognise risks and complications that may require referral to appropriate medical personnel. The latest research related to precautions and benefits of the manual therapy modalities used in practice and its relevance to the pregnant patient will be covered. Evidenced based research into the management of many conditions that present during pregnancy with emphasis on pelvic girdle pain will be a large component of this course. Current guidelines in relation to exercise during the pre and postnatal period will also be reviewed. This course is essentially a theoretical and practical review of a pregnant patient who may be experiencing pain and dysfunction and the management of this using the biopsychosocial approach to patient care within the scope of myotherapy practice.

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Dry Needle Refresher Workshop
with Neil Reid

Date: Sunday September 17, 2017
PDPS: 7pts
Cost:  $280
Venue: Ashburton (VIC)
Capacity of 6 attendees

Course Summary:

These one day dry needling refreshers are practical hands on sessions aiming to refresh knowledge of technique and trigger point (TrP) locations, regain confidence, and practice the skills of myofascial dry needling under the guidance of Neil Reid, acupuncturist and myotherapist. Neil’s acupuncture background may present different ways of marking and needling trigger points.

The first hour will be spent as an informal tutorial over a cup of tea/coffee discussing what each participant wants from the workshop and establishing levels of skill and experience. Neil will present using DVD and workbook, on recent advances and approaches and a quick recap of the various dry needling approaches.

The rest of the day, apart from breaks, will be 100% hands-on with each participant working with a partner to dry needle muscles of their choice. The 58 page bound full colour illustrated workbook provides trigger point locations and needle depths, angles etc.

Neil can accommodate any skill level from beginnner to advanced, and will work with you to demonstrate and guide your attempts at muscles familiar or new as you wish.

You will learn or refresh how to:

  • Approach trigger points, locations and variations
  • Choose needle brand, type, length, diameter and handle type
  • Use variations on needle insertion and withdrawal
  • Manipulate the needle and how long to leave the needle in
  • Muscles not recommended for dry needling and why
  • Needling cautions, contraindications and needle directions for high risk muscles
  • Endangerment sites
  • Lesion mechanisms of dry needling
  • Dry needling and the pregnant client
  • Superficial dry needle and use Seiren press needles for high risk trigger points
  • How to avoid causing, and also recognising, a pneumothorax
  • Why some people handle dry needling better than others
  • Lunch, snacks, filtered water and other beverages are supplied.

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