Introduction to Rehabilitation Workshop
with Grant McKechnie

Date: Sunday 21st May 2017
PDPs: 8pts
Cost:  $280 (members) /$310.00 (non members)

As manual therapists our focus must be to restore function following injury, surgery or physiological condition. Exercise rehabilitation is another modality to enhance the efficacy of your treatment, and must be included in all client’s treatment regimens.

This workshop outlines the theories and practices in exercise rehabilitation, including;

The basis of injury rehabilitation, healing constraints, evaluation of rehabilitation program, psychological considerations, goal setting, neuromuscular control, ROM / flexibility, Muscular strength/endurance/power,  balance and postural control and cardiovascular fitness. 

The workshop teaches you how to develop a protocol from the established research and guidelines, in an easy to follow format. Consequently the programs you develop can be referred to for future clients with similar conditions. Thereby enhancing consistency with your treatment, developing appropriate goal setting, including the end goal, and ultimately “getting rid of your client”.

This workshop is highly recommended as a prerequisite for the area specific exercise rehabilitation workshops. 

This course is for myotherapists and seats are strictly limited. Pre-reading for the course will be emailed prior to commencement and a light lunch will be provided.

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Post-Op Hip Arthroscopy
with Grant McKechnie

Date: 4th June, 2017
PDPs: 8pts
Cost: $280 (members)/$310 (non-members)

Over recent years in Australia, hip arthroscopic surgery to repair the internal hip pathologies, such as a labrum, ligamentum teres tear or to correct hip deformities that lead to premature osteoarthritis, has been on the increase. However the post-operative care is not as straight forward as other hip injuries and replacement surgeries.  This is due to the nature of the repaired tissue, the biomechanics and arthrokinematics of the internal hip and the way in which the procedure is performed. 

This course covers the procedures of the hip scope, looks at the biomechanical and anatomical considerations/contraindications to exercise.  Addresses the pre and post-operative established protocols and puts in place a rehabilitation protocols that is specific to the skill set of a myotherapist. It addresses the hip progression to function movement and when to refer back to the surgeon if concerns arise. It educates the Myotherapist of the protocol that they can implement post hip scope, highlighting the time frames, exercise progression and the end point the rehabilitation. 

This course is for Myotherapists and seats are strictly limited. 

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Guidelines for practice: Pre & Post Natal Manual Therapy
with Andrea Williams

Date:   18th June, 2017

PDPS:   4

Cost:     $125

Course Summary: This course brings together over 24 years of clinical practice and evidence based research specific to the field of pre and postnatal manual therapy. The purpose of this course is to provide myotherpists with the training and education to safely and effectively formulate patient management plans and to recognise risks and complications that may require referral to appropriate medical personnel. The latest research related to precautions and benefits of the manual therapy modalities used in practice and its relevance to the pregnant patient will be covered. Evidenced based research into the management of many conditions that present during pregnancy with emphasis on pelvic girdle pain will be a large component of this course. Current guidelines in relation to exercise during the pre and postnatal period will also be reviewed. This course is essentially a theoretical and practical review of a pregnant patient who may be experiencing pain and dysfunction and the management of this using the biopsychosocial approach to patient care within the scope of myotherapy practice.

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