Part 2 of Pain Concepts
Andrea Williams

Date/Time:  Sunday, October 20, 2019, 9.00am-1.00pm

Location:  SSNT, 25 Victoria St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065 (tbc)

Cost:  $125 - $175


This course follows on from Course 1 in which a number of complex chronic pain cases are explored, including diagnostic principles, pain education and evidence based management strategies. Additional information in this course will include pain education and ‘why the words we use really matter’. As in course 1 participants will be expected to evaluate complex cases in a group discussion format using concepts learned in course 1.     READ MORE

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Date:         Sat 14/03/2020, 9:00 am – Sun 15/03/2020, 5:00 pm AEDT

Location:   FIX Muscle Performance, 116-124 Corio St, Shepparton, Vic 3630

A very popular physical therapy course, which has been specifically developed for all physiotherapists, osteopaths, myotherapists and manual therapists who are keen to discover highly effective strategies for successfully assessing and treating shoulder dysfunctions.

Participants will be exploring a fully systematic approach to shoulder management which significantly helps “de-mystify” shoulder problems.

All of Wayne Rodgers’ courses integrate many years of clinical experience and reasoning with the latest in scientific evidence, allowing all participants to discover effective strategies for success. The delivery format is very interactive with a significant percentage (about 80%) of every course dedicated to mastering practical assessments and treatment skills. This course runs for 14 hours over 2 days.    READ MORE

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