Why are Professional Development Points important?

Professional Development is a very important process which ensures that practicing myotherapists are keeping their skills up to date and maintaining a high level of competency. Professional Development which is relevant to Myotherapy is eligible for Professional Development Points (PDPs). It is a pre-requisite that PDPs be gained and ongoing to ensure recognition from Health Funds and other authorities and to maintain MA membership.


New PD Guidelines Commencing July 1, 2017

Myotherapy Association Australia is delighted to announce that our new 2017-18 Professional Development (PD) Guidelines are available for your review.  MA's new PD guidelines have been developed by members of MA's Professional Development Committee following a process of extensive informal consultation with myotherapists, myotherapy educators (from BHSc and AdvDip programs), PD presenters and students over a period of several years. The new guidelines have been written to reflect the changing nature of Professional Development, the cultural and geographic diversity of members, new Allied Health Links, myotherapists' involvement in ongoing tertiary study, MA's ongoing involvement in the profession's development and the input of members and profession at large.

The new PD Guidelines adopt similar principles to those reflected in a number of the AHPRA-linked Guidelines and importantly MA's PD cycle will move to an annual cycle. PDP targets will also increase slightly from a minimum of 30 hours over two years to a minimum of 20 hours over one year, as required by a number of the health funds. The increase in hours will be offset by increased flexibility and greater options for ongoing learning and development (eg reading journal articles, listening to podcasts etc) to be included in the annual tally. Each member will now be free to choose the topics, activities and presenters which suit their specific development needs, interests and learning style.

Read about the full changes here

New MA PD Guidelines commencing July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

PDPs can be acquired by participating in the following types of programs:

MA run or and MA accredited professional development programs

These programs have been assessed by MA to ensure they meet the necessary standards for content and delivery. MA run or and MA accredited programs will be accompanied by the ‘MA accredited program’ stamp. The stamp ensures that PDP points have been allocated and members can be assured the points contribute toward their annual PDP tally.

Myotherapy Association Australia - Accredited stamp

Non-accredited professional development programs

There are many other programs delivered for allied health professionals including myotherapists which do not go through the formal channel of having their program accredited by MA. Whilst we encourage all providers of training to have their program accredited by MA, programs which do not carry the ‘MA accredited program’ stamp may still be of some value from a professional development perspective. MA members should consult the MA Professional Development guidelines to guide them on the sort of programs that will acquire PDPs.

Seeking accreditation as a workshop provider

Workshop providers seeking accreditation for their professional development program will be required to submit their workshop for assessment and allocation of PDPs if eligible. Workshop provider seeking MA Professional Development Accreditation are required to complete a Workshop Accreditation Form for Workshop Organisers.

MA Accreditation Application Form

Members seeking Professional Development Point recognition

MA members applying for Professional Development Points (PDPs)

Once you’ve completed a professional development activity it’s in your interest to have the attendance contribute to your PDP tally. If the program is an MA run program, your PDP record will be automatically updated to reflect your participation.

If the program is a formally MA accredited program it will carry the MA Accredited Program stamp on its promotional material. If you participate in one of these programs you should receive evidence in the form of a certificate or letter from the provider which confirms your completion of the program and the number of MA approved PDPs you’ve acquired by participating.

If the program is not accredited by MA you will be required to submit a Workshop accreditation application form. The workshop accreditation form will require you to provide details of the course and its content. There is no guarantee that MA members who participate in non-accredited programs will receive points and MA members are encouraged to advise providers of these courses to formally apply for PDPs through MA. This will ensure you have certainty of PDPs when participating in professional development. For more information on the type of events likely to gain PDPs download the MA Professional Development Guidelines.

You do not need to fill out forms if you attend any MYOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA organised workshop, conference, seminar or AGM. The points will be automatically generated to your PD file.


Professional Development Forms

PD Data Collection Form

Complete this form if you are applying for PDPs for professional development activities that have already been recognised by MYOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA.

Download Form

Workshop Accreditation Application Form

Complete this form if you are applying for PD Points for Professional Development activities that have not yet been recognised by MYOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA.

Download Form

In-Service Data Collection Form

Complete this form if you have attended a specialist presentation at a small communal or workplace environment and you would like to have it approved for PD points.

Download Form

Teaching-Tutoring Data Collection For

Complete this form if you are applying for serving as a teacher or lecturer at an approved Myotherapy college/institution or a teacher or lecturer of a relevant complementary medicine tertiary institution or that approved by MYOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA.

Download Form

Applying for an exemption

Upon application to the PD committee an eligible member may qualify for PDP’s to be reduced or waived and include certified illness, maternity leave and extended overseas travel (prior approval required). Please refer to the Professional Development Guidelines for how to apply for an exemption.

If you have any questions please email or phone the MYOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA Office on (03) 9418 3913.

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